Dress Code Policy

It is important for students to abide by a Dress Code policy at all times. At Powerhouse Dance Center we want to teach our students to respect the art of dance. Full participation in class isn’t possible unless each dancer is in proper dance attire. Students not properly prepared for class will be asked to sit out and watch. Shoes and clothing can be purchased at Powerhouse Dance Center

  • A neat and tidy appearance sets an attitude of attentiveness and respect for students, teacher, and the art of dance.
  • Dress codes cut down on distractions in class and help promote unity.
  • Dance is a discipline and begins with the way a student dresses for class.
  • By dressing the part a student looks like, behaves like and becomes a dancer.
  • Teachers must be able to see a dancer’s alignment, lines and positioning from head to toe in order to make the proper corrections when needed